Sep 3, 2014

Autumn Trunk show with Hedy Riegle

Jul 19, 2014

Annual Summer Sidewalk Sale on August 2nd

Jun 6, 2014

Sweet succulents

We can't get enough of this succulent trend! Succulents are one of the easiest plants to care for, so low maintenance in fact you can forget about them for a little bit. Now that the sun is shining these plants are the perfect way to bring nature indoors. Of course our pots are as unique and different as the plants themselves, but you wouldn't expect anything less from us would you?  
Apr 27, 2014

Annual Spring Open House

Mar 7, 2014

Budding Branches


We've never seen fantail willows before and were extremely fascinated with them.  Flattened and twisting branches with little pussy willows popping out make these Spring sticks most interesting! Breeze in the shop and see these budding branches that will inspire you to brighten your home decor for Spring!

Feb 21, 2014


 Topiary obsession has overtaken us the past few months.

 After much research and study we located a top-notch topiary grower.

 One or two years in the making plus a lot of care and patience come together to create this timeless style.

Topiaries date back to Roman times, these live sculptures are a classic in home decor. Having one of these live sculptures adds a piece of history to your home decor. We are ecstatic to share a little bit about these "works of living art" at SoBo Style.  
Feb 5, 2014

Be Mine

With all the blues and grays that have been filling our winter skies we could use some red and pink to make us feel warm and fuzzy. From heart shaped necklaces to heart shaped glass boxes we are here to help you find something your sweetheart will love. 
Velvet pumpkins, dried pink pepper berries and a heart shaped box on our stacked Ohio made cake plates.

A mini notebook filled with quotes will help you write some sweet nothings for your Valentine.

Cold cream jars refashioned into photo or card holders.

There is more than one way to use a vintage Valentine. 

Mailing sets with cards, stickers and stamps makes writing valentines as fun as receiving them. 

Wear your heart around your neck with this initial and heart necklace.
Our aim (insert Cupid joke here) for Valentines Day well, every holiday for that matter, is to bring you something different. Just before the snow melts and the birds start singing, our Valentines gifts add a unique touch to your decor after the holiday season. At SoBo Style we can find something that strikes the right cord, or maybe in this case heartstring.
Dec 29, 2013

Project SoBo - Hanging Apothecary Bottles

Post-Christmas at SoBo usually means a project or two in store for us. This time we had a vision of floating glass bottles for our new window display. Below you can find the step by step process for those DIYers out there.
Step 1: Cleaning the vintage bottles

Step 2: Figuring out which bottles to start with.
Step 3: Getting our supplies together, we decided to use floral wire.

Step 4: Getting the right knots and twists was a process of trial and error, but once you got started it was hard to stop.
Step 5: Different sized bottles created some visual interest and our measurements allowed us to string together about 3 or 4.
Step 6: The last step was hanging the bottles and adding some dried flowers.
We couldn't be happier with how these turned out!
The finished product in the window
Another successful project SoBo!

We had a great time conceptualizing and executing this project and we hope this has inspired you to create some projects of your own. Cheers to the New Year!
Dec 3, 2013

Holiday Open House

Nov 20, 2013

Greet the season

 Our vintage inspired holiday decor certainly gets everyone into the spirit the moment they walk in our doors. We love hearing that first gasp of excitement as the customers gaze in awe of our magical  collection. Greet the season at SoBo Style and spread the cheer in your home.