Jan 29, 2010

Altered Trophy Art

As we mentioned at the beginning of this month, Rhubarb Reign was published in Somerset Studio for their altered art trophies. After unloading their trailer of treasures for the store last weekend, we were surprised to receive a SoBo Style trophy. What a privilege it was to be presented with our own awesome trophy art from Sandy and Joe!
Jan 28, 2010

Dreamy Display

Our vintage magnet boards and flower rag clips make a cloud-like display to lift your spirit this time of year. Charming vintage wallpaper, shredded sheets, dried Everlasting create the collage for this dreamy display.
Jan 27, 2010

Vintage Furniture Sale

This week we have been busy reducing prices on some of our favorite pieces of furniture. We have an excellent selection of discounted vintage furniture including signature window pane cabinets, gossip benches, accent tables and more. Come in for some retail therapy and score a great value on a unique vintage find!
Jan 22, 2010

Vintage Pedestal Stands

Oh so pretty vintage plate stands made by our friends, Terry and Kathy! The assorted shapes and sizes create a beautiful display for cookies, candies, petit fours and pastries. Vintage meets function with these creative china plate stands!
Jan 14, 2010

Hedy Regal Designs

Our shop girl, Heather, is WAY more than an average retail sales person. Aside from possessing a great sense of style, excellent merchandising talent and personable sales skills, she designs a line of jewelry we offer at the store called Hedy Regal Designs. The token necklaces feature a collection of vintage finds and coins. Her watch part rings are created around wrist watch faces and interior mechanics. Heathers jewelry has been a hot item to start the new year off and we are so lucky to have her at SoBo!
Jan 13, 2010

Dynasty Kits

A fun new gift item has been our vintage inspired Asian Dynasty Kits. The colorful tin boxes are filled with themed trinkets. Themes include sewing kits, baking kits, an explorer kit for the boys and a happy hour kit for the big girls. Surprise someone special for Valentines day with one of these cute and kitschy tins!
Jan 8, 2010

Feed Sack Bags

The other day a customer strolled in the store and was carrying a wonderful feed sack bag and she said she made it herself! It didn't take me long to realize this could be our new spring bag at SoBo! Plus I kinda wanted one for myself.

Local creator, Objet Adapte, designs these feed sack bags with recycled materials and her construction is impeccable . The bold graphics and authentic logos of Americana combined with the modern styles and shapes make them a unique, up-cycled bag.

I know I'll be the only buyer carrying a "Wayne Feed Mills" hobo bag at the Atlanta gift show this weekend!
Jan 2, 2010

Rhubarb Reign Rocks

Our favorite creative people, Sandy and Joe from Rhubarb Reign Rock! Pick up the new Somerset Studio January/February 2010 issue and see why. Their Trophy Art article begins on page 38. The full page color photo of their work is stunning!

We've been working with Sandy and Joe for 6 years and I still remember the day we met! I found them at a flea market and knew their sense of style was a perfect match for SoBo. And as the saying goes....the rest is history!