Jan 28, 2009

Level 2 Winter Storm Warning

Yep, the prediction was right....snow, rain, sleet and then more snow. It's a level 2 today in Columbus, Ohio. Even the Ohio State University is closed and they don't do that very often. But I'm here at SoBo, with Albert, who is shoveling for me....
Jan 24, 2009

Twist Style Jewelery

The Twist Style jewelery arrived on Friday and I am in love! Designer, Maryellen Kim was featured in last years Country Living entrepreneur issue as a hot, new women-owned business. Her jewelery features vintage beads, antique buttons and found objects. The cording is a combo of macrame and crochet which give the necklaces a delicate and unique look. I took 3 pieces for myself and just adore them.
Jan 21, 2009


We have a fun selection of chalkboards at the store right now. They're great for making lists and jotting down reminders. My dear old friend, Jennifer, bought one at here last weekend and hung it in her downstairs bathroom for the kids. Can't imagine the dialog going on that chalkboard right now. Our chalkboards are framed out in old screen window frames, old wood molding and decorative picture frames. Take your pick!

Doggie Bookends

I'm a sucker for doggie stuff so how could i pass up these cast iron doggie bookends?
We actually used to carry dog stuff at the store. Let's just say that didn't go over to well. So when I found these cast iron dog bookends, I knew that would satisfy my canine needs for the minute. How can you pass up the pink poodle?
Jan 18, 2009

Window Pane Sideboards

These window pane sideboards are the best selling cabinets at SoBo Style. They are made from old salvaged windows, new pine boards and have a bead board backing.

The size is great for a buffet, sideboard or for a flat screen tv. Lengths vary from 55", 65" and 75" wide. The height is approximately 40" high and they are all 15" deep. They are available in white and black. They have the right look and the function that everyone needs!
Jan 13, 2009

Atlanta Shopping Success

I returned from the Atlanta gift show last night with my head spinning full of ideas, inspiration and excitement! I managed to navigate through 3 buildings, countless floors and thousands of booths and showrooms. By the 3rd day, I figured that place out!

They can't trick me....I found the goods and I'm so excited for everything to arrive at SoBo!

We have new baby gift items coming in and gorgeous new jewelry lines. Here's the link to one of the new jewelry lines we will be featuring this spring: Lenora Dame

Right now I have to get back to adding up all the orders I placed!
Jan 6, 2009

Atlanta Prep Work

I'm off to the Atlanta Gift Show this weekend! Baby's going shopping! It's a huge show, 3 buildings, very confusing layout and super overwhelming. But I'm up for the task! That's my job and I'm going to do it! Shop Shop Shop! Wish me luck!