May 29, 2008

living room update

I'm so happy the way my living room turned out! The brick fireplace and the walls were painted a warm creamy color. The fireplace is actually a shade darker than the walls and the ceiling has 50% of the wall color in it. There is a definite 'glow' when you walk in the room.

Mom took my color swatch home to look at for her kitchen and it was a completely different color. It's so weird how different colors look in different environments. Let's just say she passed on my color.

I found the curtain panels on line at Saffron Marigold. They are made in super soft India cotton and hand block printed. I came across the web site by chance and the colors and the sheerness of the fabric are perfect for the room. Since there are tabs at the top, I can pull them open or shut easily.

As for the cushions on my oak mission chairs...I had them made at Begley Upholstery across the street from the my store. I found the vintage fabric months ago at the flea market, 7 yards. They made cushions for the chairs and 4 pillows....I love them!

It's truly a whole new room and i am really happy with the way everything turned out.

My Wisteria

My wisteria has never looked better! I planted it several years ago and it has taken quite awhile to get established. Last year i got a wrought iron trellis at the flea market and have been training the westeria to grow up and around it.
I think it's looking pretty good right about now....
May 21, 2008

Baby Bonnets

We just recieved another delievery of these cute cotton baby bonnets. They are made locally and can be worn with the brim up or down....we try them on almost every baby girl that comes in the store, they're so adorable. I want to take one home and put it on my Madam Alexander doll!
May 17, 2008

vintage porch furniture

I scored some awsome vintage patio/porch furniture this week. A red and white 2 seat glider, a pair of black and white metal chairs and a heavy-duty bouncey chair with cushions, that I could fall asleep in! The bonus is this rose design wrought iron settee set with a marble top coffee table. I have never seen anything like it, it looks like it's from tuscany or something. The set includes the settee, an arm chair, a side chair and the marble top coffee table.
May 14, 2008

Empty back room

The back room is empty. There is only one piece that is sold and still needs to be picked up. Our regular sobo customers know that the back room is typically a disaster zone. Normally, there are works in progress, furniture that we can't squeeze on the retail floor or sold pieces. So, I'm pretty happy about the empty back room because we are getting a big load this weekend! We will be getting some black window pane cabinets and hopefully some garden/patio furniture. Wish me luck, babys goin shopping.............
May 9, 2008

The Band

The Open House last weekend was a huge success, thanks to the band! The steel drum music always makes our events so alive. Pictured are Dave Kaplan, Dave Dewitt and Louie Tsamous, all three musicians are well known for their extraordinary talents. First set was outside on the sidewalk, where they stopped some High Street traffic. Second set moved inside (due to the sideways rain) not quite as loud and a more intimate set. All-in-All, it was great. Thanks to the band!

May 7, 2008

Vintage Teacup Candles

Local gal, Suzee Spencer of these dainty teacup candles for us.

She uses vintage teacups, sugar bowls, cream pitchers and other china finds to create these feminine candles. Suzee is the type that can do anything.....let's just say she's on the high-energy side. I panicked and emailed her friday afternoon pleading that I needed one more display to fill a hole in the store for our Spring Open House. She came through and probably stayed up all night making them for us. Thank you Suzee!
May 1, 2008

Annual Spring Open House

Our Annual Spring Open House is this Saturday, May 3rd. It is also our Mothers Day Celebration and SoBo Style's 7th anniversary....So call it what you want.....a spring party, mothers day party or anniversary matter what it is, it's always fun, ton's of people, live steel drum music and mom's cookies!

We've been getting ready all week or should i say "running around like crazy all week". We've been re-merchandising, re-hanging, fluffing and puffing the store from top to bottom. We are getting a delievery from Olde Good Things this afternoon ( They are bringing a fresh load of salvaged ceiling tin panels and mirrors. Another load of upholstered pieces with Amy Butler fabric will be arriving tommorrow morning and i've got to run to Blooms Direct for fresh flowers in the afternoon. So, basically the store is going to look awesome come Saturday morning.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, I've got a great new outfit that will be making it's debut at the party so come in and check it out.

Vintage Button Bouquets

These button bouquets are so funky and fun. They are made with vintage buttons and make such a cute display. Unique and quirky at the same time and last longer than cut flowers. I have been putting them in every type of container all over the store.....