Jun 25, 2008

Gigantic Hydrangeas

The blooms on my hydrangea bush at home are so gigantic they always fall over. So, i end up cutting them and bringing them in the store for display. Everyone things they're fake because they're so humongous. (is that a word?)
Jun 24, 2008

Ceramic Switch Plates

We received more of the ceramic switch plates today. We have single ($19) and double ($22) switches. Almost every design is also available in triple switch, outlet and dimmer, so we'd be happy to take special orders. These are so much nicer than the typical plastic and brass switch plates, you know it's all about the details!
Jun 21, 2008

vintage baby crib

These vintage baby crib pieces are my favorite thing in the store right now! The old pink paint has a bit of green paint showing through and the foot of the crib is curved and has an adorable painted floral wreath. Tiny little clips have been added to the head of the crib so that photos or cards could be displayed on it. Wouldn't it be precious to decorate an entire nursery around these vintage crib pieces.
Jun 17, 2008

new treasures

I drove down to Kentucky this weekend and scored a bunch of new treasures. My cargo van was LOADED! Everything fit in the van thanks to my friend, Lylse, who packed it all in with the exception of one piano bench.
Jun 11, 2008

Oilcloth is a good thing

We covered the seats and backs of these vintage wrought iron chairs in oilcloth fabric.
The bright colors and prints give a completely new look to the vintage patio furniture.
I think these would be so cute on a front porch or back patio.....
Jun 8, 2008

Sweet Settees