Jun 29, 2010

All American Vintage Tablecloths

The carefree patterns, bright color combo's and the soft touch of the fabric make these vintage tablecloths truley all American! We're curious of their past, did they cover a picnic table, feature Sunday dinner or sit in a drawer? We think it would be a shame not to show off these American beauties during your barbecues this weekend. Just watch the sauce!
Jun 20, 2010

Industrial Outdoor Tables

Metal bins and vintage stove parts paired with treated wood legs create these industrial outdoor tables. Character and function brought together! With Summer Solstice this week and the 4th around the corner we think you'll need a place to rest your cold beverage!
Jun 2, 2010


The Essential Tu-Tu

Precious Animal Lovies

Hand Appliqued Onesies

Inspirational Sticker Books

Sweet Cotton Baby Bonnets

Colorful Soak Proof Baby Bibs

Babyland continues to grow at SoBo Style! We have a darling selection of gifts for infants, big brothers and big sisters. Be sure to stop in for a memorable keepsake before your next baby shower!