Mar 26, 2008

First Glider of the Season

For those of you that are regular SoBo customers, you know we always have great vintage gliders every spring and summer. This is our first one of the season and it's in super condition. It's a heavy-duty metal glider with the lattice pattern on the seat and back, in a medium 'sobo' green. These vintage gliders demand a front porch or a screened-in-porch and a cold glass of ice tea.
Mar 19, 2008

A Teaser

Just wanted to let everyone know we got a TON of new (old) furniture in this weekend.....and it looks great. We are loaded and even have pieces in the backroom. We have "backstock" as my dad would say. Here's a couple of photos just to tease you with......
Mar 13, 2008

Eco-Friendly Bags

The Envirosaxs have arrived! Spread the environmental message with style. Lightweight, super strong, water-proof, great graphics, holds what 2 plastic grocery bags would hold and roll up to 4 inches. So they fit in your coat pocket or purse....Best of all....there are $8.50 each.
Mar 6, 2008

My Vintage Stove

I'm always telling everyone about my vintage stove. I actually bought it for the store when we first opened in 2001. I thought we would use it for display purposes but it quickly became to cumbersome in the store. We started selling so much furniture it was always in the way and trust me, this thing wieghs a ton.

So, I took it home to my own kitchen! My plumber thought i was crazy when i had him hook up the gas line but he knew i loved it and did as he was told. The stove top worked great but the oven never really stayed at a constant temperature. Let's just say i don't do much baking.

I finally found a vintage stove repair place in California that would fix the thermostat and I quicky sent it off for a diagnosis. I've got a working oven now, still have to manually light the pilot light but that makes for an interesting party.

Mar 5, 2008

100% Recycled Journals

These spiral journals are made from 100% post consumer waste, no new trees were used to make these books, acid-free processed chlorine-free paper and board.....not to mention the graphics are great!
Mar 2, 2008


these colors are amazing