Feb 24, 2010

Spring Arts Market: March 20th @ SoBo

Antiques So Chic: Re-imagined vintage and altered watch part jewelry

Back To Light: New collection of industrial lamp art

Hedy Regal Designs: Re-purposed vintage decor and accessories

Objet Adapte: Up-cycled feed sack purses and totes

Vaga Lume: Vintage nature prints and spring bulbs

We are anxiously preparing for our Spring Arts Market on March 20th! It's the first day of Spring and we're ALL ready for that! So come join us for a day of original handmade jewelry, decor and accessories featuring local artists and designers. Let Spring begin at SoBo!
Feb 23, 2010

Spindle Candlesticks

Considering the grey skies and dirty snow remnants outside, it's pretty refreshing to walk into SoBo Style right now! This is just a sampling of our new merchandise. A little industrial, a little crackly and the creative spindle candlesticks are so imaginative.
Feb 17, 2010

Winter Outside/Spring Inside

It is serious Winter outside. We've had 2 major storms in less than 2 weeks! Which calls for continual shoveling and lots of ice melter. The forecast says it's not going anywhere soon!

However, it's Spring inside SoBo Style, the robins have arrived with beautiful nests and eggs.
Amazing how a little Springtime can raise your spirits in the middle of winter.
Feb 12, 2010

Mother/Daughter Ruffle Aprons

Our black and white ruffle aprons are offered in adult and child sizes. Such a stylish way for mother and daughter to spend a winter day baking together in the kitchen!
Feb 11, 2010

The little glass box

Mini iridescent glass jewelry boxes

Curved glass jewelry box

What girl wouldn't like a little glass box for her dresser or vanity!?
If you're giving it for Valentines Day, we think it should definitely have a beautiful piece of jewelry enclosed in it!

The choices of jewelry are pretty amazing at the store right now.....czech crystal, freshwater pearl, vintage watch pieces and funky celluloid make it hard to choose the perfect piece. However, we think you'll be pretty safe as long as it's enclosed in one of those little glass boxes.
Feb 7, 2010

The old, old story of love

That little holiday in the middle of winter is quickly approaching..... we have a collection of darling vintage Valentine cards all postmarked to "Lydia" and dated from 1917-1918. "Lydia" was a lucky girl to receive these intricate, lovely cards. Drop in now to discover something memorable for your Valentine at SoBo Style!
Feb 6, 2010

A Box of Sunshine

This cold and grey winter day just got a little brighter at SoBo! A box of colorful handcrafted necklaces from Argentina arrived via US postal service. As the saying goes "rain, snow, sleet or hail can't keep the postman away" and he sure delivered a bunch of sunshine today!
Feb 3, 2010

Valentine Sweetness

We would love to help you discover something sweet for your Valentine! Pop in, say hi, get inspired and find a delicious valentine gift to surprise your someone special!
Feb 2, 2010

Real Beauties

Just in time for Valentines Day, a fresh box of Twist Style jewelry arrived. Not a bad way to start the week, checking in some real beauties from Maryellen! This stuff goes quick so send your Valentine this way. Or better yet, you can come in and let us know your picks and we'll guide him in the right direction.