Aug 25, 2009

Sandy and Joe

We heart Sandy and Joe from Rhubarb Reign! They brought a huge load of wonderful, refurbished vintage furniture for the store this weekend. The upholstered chairs and stools are the fluff I love. Just the right amount of pop!

While they were staying at my house they photographed my walk-in closet for their blog. I spent all last week folding sweaters, organizing colors and displaying jewelry. Take a look at the results here: Rhubarb Reign.
Aug 23, 2009

Open Always

We were drawn into the Yaffa Cafe in Alphabet City late night by the intriguing front facade. Once we looked in and saw the leopard and zebras prints I said "let's eat here." The back patio was even more inviting. With the tables crammed together and lights reflecting off the plants it was another wonderful new york moment.
Aug 22, 2009

Hotel Chelsea

Lydia and I had our first stay at The Hotel Chelsea during our trip to the New York Gift Show. The amazing architecture is full of character inside and out. And we were so excited to be there!

Arriving in the lobby we were stuck by the avant-garde artwork and the interesting people.
There was even a group of tourist Monks enjoying the surroundings of the hotel.

We were fortunate enough to be upgraded to the Pink room. Pink walls, pink rugs, parquet floors, ornate fireplace, super high ceilings, claw foot bathtub and a bay window with of a view of spectacular Chelsea.

This was our breathtaking view!
Aug 20, 2009


Our hand knit collection has arrived this week. Handmade at a woman's co-op in Nepal these beautiful hats, scarves and mittens are rich in color and warmth. 100% wool and 100% ready for fall.
Aug 12, 2009

Rust never sleeps

I love rust and primitives for the fall. Our first arrival are these rusty iron ladders that have been cut down in different lengths. Great for displaying magazines, shoes or hanging accessories. Not to worry though, we're not bringing fall in immediately. This is just a taste of what is to come in.
Aug 11, 2009

Beautiful Bedroom Set

A complete, beautiful bedroom set came through our doors at SoBo Style. Your Princess will be sleeping in gorgeous comfort with this adorable, one of a kind set. There will be no need to count any sheep when she has some SoBo Style-every girl's dream come true!
Aug 7, 2009

Sugary Sweets, Sparkly Treats!

I swear the cupcake trend started the second after the "Sex and the City" episode aired with Carrie and Miranda eating a cupcake in front of Magnolia Bakery in season 3. Cupcake shops, cupcake parties, cupcake blogs are countless. However trendy I could not resist...these sugary sweets, sparkly treats. Paired with your vintage cake plate and old linens the frosted glass cupcakes are sure to dress up the table at your next party. Your guests will have quite the sugar buzz over these sugar free cupcakes.