May 29, 2008

living room update

I'm so happy the way my living room turned out! The brick fireplace and the walls were painted a warm creamy color. The fireplace is actually a shade darker than the walls and the ceiling has 50% of the wall color in it. There is a definite 'glow' when you walk in the room.

Mom took my color swatch home to look at for her kitchen and it was a completely different color. It's so weird how different colors look in different environments. Let's just say she passed on my color.

I found the curtain panels on line at Saffron Marigold. They are made in super soft India cotton and hand block printed. I came across the web site by chance and the colors and the sheerness of the fabric are perfect for the room. Since there are tabs at the top, I can pull them open or shut easily.

As for the cushions on my oak mission chairs...I had them made at Begley Upholstery across the street from the my store. I found the vintage fabric months ago at the flea market, 7 yards. They made cushions for the chairs and 4 pillows....I love them!

It's truly a whole new room and i am really happy with the way everything turned out.


Cindy Q. said...
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Cindy Q. said...

Hi Katie,

I just met you on Saturday....I am the lady with the handbags. When you are doing your blog, at the top where you are typing, there is a world with two arrows, it is right next to the t with colors. If you highlight the area that you want to link then click the world a box will pop up and you can type in the html or copy and paste the website right in there and it should work. Let me know if this is mud???

It was a pleasure to meet you. I LOVE your store and I am linking your blog to mine if that is ok.

Hope this helps,


I had to repost this because I left out the crucial "then click the world" statement.

katie said...

I did it! Thanks for the tech support Cindy. Your bags are awesome I'm glad you brought them in to show me. Thanks for linking my blog to yours, now i had NO idea how to do that yet...