Sep 5, 2008

Are you outta your gourd?

Dad scored a ton of great gourds yesterday at a pumpkin patch in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. I love sticking them in any available container possible. The colors are brilliant and the shapes are crazy.

Dad used to grow his own gourds and he would ship the dried ones to me when i lived in California. When the boxes arrived, they were always big boxes but absolutely light as a feather. He made the gourds into birdhouses, glazed them and did a really good job. When i told him my co-workers liked them, the boxes kept coming. It was a novelty for native Californians to see dried gourds....It ended up that all of my neighbors and co-workers had a Dan Palmer gourd by the end of the season.

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b.ellen said...

It was so fun to stop by your shop last Saturday. I really liked your style. Also personality of the people is what makes a shop. Thank you for being so sweet
blessings, barbara