Dec 14, 2008

The Story of the Season

I was waiting all day on Friday for the UPS guy to come with our new Cindygert purses.....when 5 o'clock rolled around and he was a no show, I thought I better give Cindy a jiggle. Less than 2 weeks before Christmas and we only had 2 purses on hand for the weekend. And, they are advertised on our CD101.1 radio spot this month.

Cindy had sent them UPS on Thursday; however, to our OLD address from 4 years ago! after several frantic phone calls to UPS, it was too late and we weren't going to get our box for the weekend. Oh well, I would just take down customers names that were interested and call them next week when the box arrived.

On my way home I saw my neighbor/UPS Driver/husband of an old school friend was not home from his route yet.....I stopped and asked his wife to call him and see if he could track down our box.

Lo and behold, Pete brought the box to my house later that night! I love that guy! I was super relieved and couldn't wait to let Cindy know in the morning that we got her box after all!

I arrived at the store a little early Saturday to unpack the purses, price and merchandise them. Plus, I had 3 customers to call and let them know they arrived.

At about 10:15am a fellow came in the store with a big box and it was Cindy's husband! Cindy felt so bad we didn't get the box, she had stayed up all night and made more bags and had her husband drive them 4 hours from Michigan and deliver them!

We laughed so hard and told everyone in the store what had just the 2nd box was opened....a Cindygert frenzy started....we sold 2 purses straight out of the box and then 5 more throughout the day! Unbelievable!


cindygert said...

What a great story!!! Glad it all worked out. And I love to hear about cindygert friendzies. Wow...7 bags in one day. Exciting!!!

Ellen said...

I was part of that frenzy! I was in the store and just happend to be looking at the cindygert bags when the Mister showed up with even more bags. Talk about tough decisions-but I ended up choosing one with an adorable owl perched on a branch. It was to be a Christmas gift for my daughter...I was secretly hoping she wouldn't like it so I could use it....but she does like it..A LOT!
I have been telling my friends about SoBo and cindygert bags.