Sep 30, 2008

Holiday Installation Project

After our big wind storm a couple weeks ago, it dawned on me to use some of the branches that came down in the wind......the Sycamore branches are so pretty, the wind peeled the bark off and the wood is so smooth and white. I've been carrying home as much as i can everyday from the park. Kinda funny walking Mia while lugging large tree branches up the street.

First I clipped all the dried leaves off and then sprayed them white. We're going to put them in big buckets and display all the holiday decor and ornaments on them. It's going to look so stinkin cute.
Sep 23, 2008

Awesome Armchairs

Sep 20, 2008

Pumpkins, Primitive and Power Outage

We survived without having power at SoBo for 4 days. The wind storm that hit Ohio last Sunday was major. I have never experienced any thing like that in my life. Trees uprooted, debris all over and no electric power for most of the week. It was all about cleaning out refrigerators and finding ice.

Through all of that, Fall is definitely in the air and we have freshly picked specialty pumpkins, bittersweet and Japanese lanterns for sale. We love Fall and it's my favorite time to decorate the store. I tend to go a little crazy....hay in the windows, gourds sticking in everything, and bittersweet in every vase and container.

The primitive furniture fits right this time of year. I love a peely paint cabinet in September.
Sep 5, 2008

Are you outta your gourd?

Dad scored a ton of great gourds yesterday at a pumpkin patch in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. I love sticking them in any available container possible. The colors are brilliant and the shapes are crazy.

Dad used to grow his own gourds and he would ship the dried ones to me when i lived in California. When the boxes arrived, they were always big boxes but absolutely light as a feather. He made the gourds into birdhouses, glazed them and did a really good job. When i told him my co-workers liked them, the boxes kept coming. It was a novelty for native Californians to see dried gourds....It ended up that all of my neighbors and co-workers had a Dan Palmer gourd by the end of the season.
Sep 4, 2008

New Treasures

I've been treasure hunting for the store. Just love the extra fluff at SoBo!