Jan 13, 2009

Atlanta Shopping Success

I returned from the Atlanta gift show last night with my head spinning full of ideas, inspiration and excitement! I managed to navigate through 3 buildings, countless floors and thousands of booths and showrooms. By the 3rd day, I figured that place out!

They can't trick me....I found the goods and I'm so excited for everything to arrive at SoBo!

We have new baby gift items coming in and gorgeous new jewelry lines. Here's the link to one of the new jewelry lines we will be featuring this spring: Lenora Dame

Right now I have to get back to adding up all the orders I placed!


cindygert said...

Hi Katie,

How was your shopping trip? Sounds like an exciting adventure. I am almost myself again. I should be able to get into the craftroom in a day or two to make more bags!!!

Guess what? I was just given the Lemonade Award and in turn I am giving it to you. Thanks for taking the time to share all the goodies you find for your store and other happenings in your life.

You inspire me!!



katie said...

Thanks Cindy! I've never heard of the Lemonade Award but I'm honored!

Glad you're feeling better. We sold 2 of your bags today!