Feb 10, 2009

Dried Hydrangeas

A big box of real dried hydrangeas came in last week. We have found a home for all of them: in wire baskets, glass bottles, galvanized buckets and just lying about.
A great floral display to get through the rest of winter and they're only 4 stems for $12.


Christina said...

Absolutely love Dried Hydrangeas. Being from Alabama, I have picked and dried quite a few! I have also spray painted them with glitter, and the palest of whites and pink. Very cottage chic. You have a wonderful shop.

katie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Christina! Your glitter hydrangeas sound fabulous. So glad you found our blog. If you ever come up north please visit us!


Polly said...

Hi Katie....my husband stopped by on Friday and bought the little chippy blue medicine cabinet. I had seen it while perusing your blog and fell in love! We are redecorating our guest room with that great blue color and the cabinet will make a nice addition. I'm glad it was still there!

katie said...

Your husband was so sweet to come in and get the medicine cabinet for you!
Let us know how it looks.


claudia switzer said...

Love the new dryed floral arrangements...so glad I could be with you in Atlanta when you found them.
The jewelry looks good as well.
You go girl!!

katie said...

thanks claud, your the best for going on my shopping adventures with me!