Apr 7, 2009


I road tripped to Charlotte, North Carolina last week to attend the Metrolina Antique Show. Unfortunately, I have NO photos that document the trip...... I was too busy taking it all in and digging out my camera was the last thing on my mind.
The show was a refreshing change of surroundings. There was everything from the junky junk to high-end new furniture, several tents just of oriental rugs, rusty metal garden wares and warehouse industrial pieces.
I was in my "element" as my traveling companion, Monica, stated. I even had to break down and buy one of those shopping cart things to carry my purchases around because I didn't want to keep going back to the van to unload.
By the end of the day, I found some treasures for the store and a few things for myself. The best purchase was a giantic fern for $25. I think it is about 3 feet high and 3 feet wide. I will post a photo of that for sure because it's almost unreal.

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