Jun 24, 2009

Taco Trucks in Columbus!

Living in the heart of the Mission district in San Francisco for 11 years, taco trucks were the norm. Cheap, tasty, Latino food. Seemed like every other street corner there was a colorful van peddling tacos, torta's and carnitas. I still get cravings for a simple, fresh, chicken taco....

And now, finally....taco trucks in Columbus! They're on the outskirts of town and in obscure locations but they're here! Just wish one would pull up in our SoBo Style parking behind the store!


eric said...

Tell us when they are coming! Be there in a flash! I miss Clintonville's taco cart that used to be on Olentangy. Guess were are stuck driving or with fast food del gringo!


Alex said...

Hey, I live down in Dayton and I haven't seen anything like this (taco japanese trucks) here, in terms of the number of trucks you have. I'll have to check out some of them my next trip to Cow Town.