Aug 22, 2009

Hotel Chelsea

Lydia and I had our first stay at The Hotel Chelsea during our trip to the New York Gift Show. The amazing architecture is full of character inside and out. And we were so excited to be there!

Arriving in the lobby we were stuck by the avant-garde artwork and the interesting people.
There was even a group of tourist Monks enjoying the surroundings of the hotel.

We were fortunate enough to be upgraded to the Pink room. Pink walls, pink rugs, parquet floors, ornate fireplace, super high ceilings, claw foot bathtub and a bay window with of a view of spectacular Chelsea.

This was our breathtaking view!


Lydia K said...

Fantastic times in NYC!
I'll go with you to any trade show if a companion is neccessary!!!

katie said...

you WERE a great companion Lydia!
Thanks so much for going with me!
I had a blast....