Jan 23, 2013

Lasting Impressions

                     Dan Palmer
                    12.28.1929 – 12.25.2012

Dan Palmer was an integral and immeasurable part of Sobo Style for 12 years.  He relished the “hunt” for our special SoBo pieces.  The treasure hunt was an exciting quest to Dan’s outdoorsman side.  Seeking our unique pieces brought out a new type of tracker in him.
He scoured garage sales, estate sales, flea markets and antique shows religiously.  And he always came back with something very special for the store along with a great story to share with us and our customers.
Once he found these wonderful pieces, he worked on them meticulously.  He repaired, refinished and painted our vintage furniture with all his heart and soul.  We called him “Quality Control” and if something needed repaired, we called Dan Palmer.
His last trip to Montana in November 2012, he brought back 3 bulging sacks of shed deer antlers.  Every single antler was snatched up to his amazement (and to ours!) We would tell customers the story of how he had traveled to the same ranch in eastern Montana for over 50 years and they ate it up.
After all his hard work, he was most thrilled when customers purchased a piece that he labored on with intensity and commitment.  He was thrilled when he found out one of his dressers or hutches sold and went to a good home.
There is a large part of SoBo Style that is gone but his lasting impression will be with us always.  Dan Palmer was a one of kind man and his spirit will continue to live on at SoBo Style. 

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Hedy Regal said...

What a nice tribute to Dan Palmer, Katie! We pray that you and MaryKay can find peace. Hugs to you both!