May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Creations

At SoBo we like any excuse to create something unique and fresh out of a vintage item. Giving a vintage object new life is our specialty. Our wonderful friends at Rhubarb Reign worked for weeks, (maybe even months) on creations for Mother's Day.

 Photo holders made out of vintage lamp parts could hold a your Mom's favorite picture or the card you send her for Mother's Day.
Moms might recognize these bottles from when milk was still delivered to your door, now they have been re-imagined into vases. If you look close you will see the petals of these flowers are made from vintage reflectors once used to adorn your Christmas tree.

 Whether you Mom is famous for her entrees or desserts her recipe will look right at home in these whisk photo holders.

 Another kitchen utensil is given new life in this last project, an egg separator would fit perfectly on a kitchen windowsill or counter.

We always strive to have one of a kind treasures at SoBo Style and hope that's something you and your Mom will appreciate on her special day.  Happy Mother's Day!

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