Aug 26, 2008

Mia at the park

It was just a matter of time before I put my dog on the blog.....this was yesterday in the ravine at Whetstone park. It was a beautiful day and we had the place to ourselves.


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Hi, Katie, from Ronda the roses window painter! Of COURSE you remember me. And if you don't, pretend you do. :-))) So glad to see you're still kicking around!

You may remember we moved to Michigan a little over a year ago. We're coming back!!

Jack (husband) took a job back in Columbus about five months ago. We were really gonna try and make it work living in two places, but it's not working. I miss him too much during the week, and the 14 hour drive every week or two is getting on his last nerve. So he's house hunting, and I'm packing.

I'll be very, very sad to leave here. It's been a wonderful experience in a beautiful, peaceful place, but I'll be VERY glad to get back to wonderful places like Sobo! Not too much like that up here in the great north woods....

So if you have any great windows, save 'em for me. My first shopping after I get back will be to see you and your Mom -- tell her we said hi!

We are SOOOO looking forward to seeing you both again!

Warmly, Ronda

Anonymous said...