May 30, 2009

Ruffle Aprons

How fun are these ruffle aprons?!! Each one combines colorful coordinating prints in a flirty girlie way. Not just for baking cookies either....wear them as a smock with jeans and a plain tee to a summer patio party! Sized for both children and adults and Sooooo SoBo Style!



katie, of course, only you would display my aprons in the most wonderful whimsical way. the way i designed them to be displayed. i just love your store, not to mention how fabu you are. i hope all your clients appreciate how lucky they are to have such a great retailer in their town. trust me, they are few and far between. thanks for all your support.


katie said...

thank you, thank you Sandra! I am so lucky to have met you and fortunate to be working with you!
We love your style and hope to continue a long and successful working relationship together!


Claudia said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! I totally agree with Sandra! You are amazing and have the best shop in Columbus! Always something new and your staging is superb!