May 21, 2009

Salvaged Candleholders

Can you guess who made this candleholders? Our creative friends, Sandy and Joe of Rhubarb Reign! Sandy can't bare to throw anything away. The base of the candlesticks are old wood table legs, the holders are found cast iron lamp parts and she's added the crystals for the bling.
How perfect for an outdoor table setting this Memorial Day weekend!


elise said...

That Rhurbarb Reign, WOW! These are so wonderful, Sandy and Joe have such a good eye for interesting combiations to create unique one of a kind pieces . Love them

Sandy and Joe said...

Hey Katie! Thanks for the post on the candlesticks! They were so much fun to make -- love the crusty old paint next to the fancy crystals!! xo -- Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign